Divorce Solicitors In Warrington: Factors To Consider

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If parting ways with your long time husband or wife, and there are assets, children, and debts involved, who represents you through the divorce process can determine how you will fair both emotionally, and financially. The first step to ensuring fair settlement is by looking for the best divorce attorney there is, and one that you can afford to help you with the case. One of the reasons why you should only consider hiring a divorce solicitor in Warrington is that divorce lawyers specialize in such cases and understand family law more than lawyers specializing in other areas such as commercial or civil law.

Finding the best attorney for the job especially during the trying times can be intimidating at times. You however shouldn’t jump into hiring the first attorney you come across. A little window-shopping and research is needed to find the right person for the job. Some of the factors to consider when looking for divorce solicitors in Warrington include:

1. Attorney’s Experience in Divorce Cases

Without proper representation, you could lose child custody, most of the valuable assets, and even be left in more debt that you anticipated. You therefore need to be as much or better equipped as the other person to settle the divorce fairly. Looking for a solicitor who specifically specializes in divorce cases, and has been practicing for long enough (at least 5 years) is recommended. As mentioned earlier, experienced divorce attorneys understand family law much better, and will most definitely fight for your rights.

2. Testimonials

The experience also needs to be backed up with plenty of client testimonials, especially from individuals happy with the service they received from this solicitor. Although you may find such information and testimonials online, it would be best to ask the attorney for a list of past clients as well. Most attorneys will provide you with a list of past clients bundled up in their portfolio, which makes it much easier for you to decide whether or not to hire the attorney. Aside from the happy customers, you may want to contact Warrington’s bar association to see if there are any complaints filed against the attorney.

3. Availability and Communication

With more and more families breaking up, you shouldn’t be surprised to find an attorney overwhelmed with divorce cases. Although most honest and trustworthy attorneys will tell you whether they are available or not, there are those who will want to take your case regardless of their caseload. Looking into the attorney’s portfolio and seeing if he/she can meet up with you on short notice should tell you if he/she is available or not. Proper communication skills are also needed for the attorney to communicate his/her strategy or expectations from the case.

4. Legal Fees

You also need to discuss legal fees with the attorneys before signing up any contract with them. While some solicitors will do the first consultations for free, there are those who will have a charge for such consultations. Aside from this, you need to find out whether the attorney charges an hourly rate or just a retainer fee. Find out what the hourly rate will be before sealing any deal.

If an attorney meets all the requirements outlined above, you can then go ahead to discuss the divorce specifics before signing the contract.

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